QueSean Gregory



QueSean Gregory has a thorough knowledge of the South Bay market — he grew up in Gardena and lived in the area for more than 20 years.

QueSean’s journey to becoming a real estate professional actually began in 2014, when he went into business for himself and built his skills in sales and customer relations. “I became more comfortable communicating, since I enjoyed helping people,” he says. “I would say communication and sincerely wanting to help people are the values that drive me.”

When a close friend suggested a career in real estate, QueSean was initially hesitant. He already had a successful business and enjoyed working from home. But when other business associates made the same suggestions, he became more curious about real estate and did some research. At first, he felt overwhelmed by all the information on rules, regulations, and the various marketing strategies. Since then, he has dedicated himself to making the real estate process simpler and easier to understand for his clients.

Away from work, QueSean continues to serve and assist whenever he can. He volunteers with the International WeLoveU Foundation, helping out with street cleanups, mask donations, blood drives, and other activities. In his spare time, he enjoys beach talks, coffee talks, and generally just asking questions and getting to know people. He says, “In another life, I should have been a therapist or a journalist.”